Peter Campora's Homepage


I'm a sixth year PhD student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who is studying programming language theory with Dr. Sheng Chen as my advisor. My primary research focus has been using variational typing as a means to analyze the properties of gradually typed programs--for use in the creation of tools aiding program migration. In general, I am interested in making Gradual Typing easier to implement and use and two of my current research directions are using variational typing to discover bugs in gradual programs and to use variational typing to improve the performance of gradual programs with a form of code specialization.

The future research directions that I am most interested in are live programming and reasoning about partial programs or statically typed programs with missing type information. I suspect that my previous work combining variational and gradual typing will allow me to make inroads in these directions. I am also interesting in cost analysis for gradually typed programs and using gradual typing to link statically typed systems languages to dynamically typed scripting languages. Finally, I am interested in programming education and seeing how methods like blame tracking actually help students and novice programmers debug the errors in their gradually typed programs.



Black lives matter, and it is our obligation to help fight systemic racism. LGBTQIA+ lives matter and we must strive to create inclusive classroom environments where their perspectives are heard and respected. As computer science instructors and researchers it is our obligation to ensure that a diverse collection of voices are heard. I believe that academia needs to take mental health seriously for both professors/instructors and students so that severe burnout is avoided. Covid-19 has put many people in situations that strain their mental health; we should look to each other with empathy.